Our Walk

Well the kids and I went for a walk with a friend of mine yesterday. I took the camera with me and got some good pix of the kids, some flowers, a bee, and we got a new Family pic as well. I posted it as my profile pic on here. This is one of my faves of the kids. I will save this one to disk and print it out at walmart for the wall :D

I had a wonderful 3 days off. Kinda dread going back to work tho. I am not looking forward to the mess today and boy do I know that there will be one! I am applying at another job as soon as I can find th website for it LOL. It is a day time week day job so I get to pick to be there after the kids elave for scholl and be home before they get here :D Well will see how that works. Please send up some prayers that I can find the site and then get the job :D

Well Everyone have a wonderful Day!

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