My Hats

I have been on a trend of Hats.  Alexis, Jonathon, Kelsey, Emma, Robby, Marvin and Alexis' friend Kylie all have one now.  They are easy and work up in about 1.5 hours if I dont get stopped.  The following are pictures of a few of the Hats.  Not in any order LOL.  I hope everyone enjoys them :).  They are insipred by Dot's ugly But Warm hat you can find here...... Dot's Ugly But Warm Hat
I didn't use dc though and different stitches and I didn't use 2 strands of yarn.  LOL.  But I have made her hats before and wanted to try my hand at a pattern myself. 

              Robby's Hat                         

                                                                  Alexis' hat            

          Marvin's hat                             

         Kylie's hat