How is everyone doing? Good I hope. I am still out job hunting, Not going too well still. But I am still looking to go to school.
I am still crocheting in the hopes to sell some stuff. I am looking at trying to sell at some of the craft fairs here in the County next year. I just have to remember when they all are.

Well off here to Get Emma unbored with the library lol

*hugs* to all :D



Well I do not have the net at my house for the moment. I will be coming on here several times a month at the library.
I am still Job hunting and doing what I need to to get into school.
Last night and this morning I made all 3 kids the UBW hat by Dot Matthews. They all love them. I adjusted the pattern a little bit and changed it up in a few places. Wondering if that makes it a new pattern. I am not sure. I know that the first 3 rounds are the same. I joined it with the Magic Ring Method as well. And then didnt use the same stitches or anything lol.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!