Well, I have finally gone and done it lol.  I have opened an Etsy store.  Here is the link to my shop :)    Crochetin Feonix      I hope that you will go check it out and let me know what you think.

Kelsey's wrist warmers.  She wears them ALL the time.



My Hats

I have been on a trend of Hats.  Alexis, Jonathon, Kelsey, Emma, Robby, Marvin and Alexis' friend Kylie all have one now.  They are easy and work up in about 1.5 hours if I dont get stopped.  The following are pictures of a few of the Hats.  Not in any order LOL.  I hope everyone enjoys them :).  They are insipred by Dot's ugly But Warm hat you can find here...... Dot's Ugly But Warm Hat
I didn't use dc though and different stitches and I didn't use 2 strands of yarn.  LOL.  But I have made her hats before and wanted to try my hand at a pattern myself. 

              Robby's Hat                         

                                                                  Alexis' hat            

          Marvin's hat                             

         Kylie's hat                



First Hike

 Here is Robby's first Hike pic.  He was awake for most of the 2.5 mile hike down.  At least the part of it that was light out LOL. He loves being outside already.  Very curious as to whats going on around him.  And he HATES Tummy Time cause his Big Sisy Lexi picks him up at the slightest sound he makes LOL.
This is what the Lake looks like!  So beautiful!  Pine Lake WA.  Just a little hole in the ground compaired to other lakes but still gorgeous!

See he Loves his big sissy!!!!  And will fall asleep with her in ANY position LOL.



  Here is my little man Robert Alexander.  He was born on 7/29/11.  He had Meconium in the placenta with him and he aspirated on it and was medivaced to Providence at Everett where him and I stayed for a week while they gave him meds and made sure he could breath on his own.  It was the longest week ever.  I am not sure cause no one told me but I think that we almost lost him and thats why the sent him to Everett.  We didnt even get to hold him for 4 days.  Lexi was in the room with me and Marvin when I delivered him.  She was his first family contact before they whisked him away.  That was the longest night of my life.  Knowing he was in Everett and sick and I had to wait to be discharged from St Joe's. He is doing wonderfully now :)

The first pic was taken on 7/30/11 and the other was taken today.


Me and Me LOL

Well Morning sickness is finally over!  I found out that I am having a bouncing baby boy!  And boy do I mean BOUNCING LOL!  Robert Alexander is his name :D  He moves ALL the time just Like Emma did!  I am still wanting to crochet me something LOL.  Except I have to make a baby blanket too :)  I was thinking light blue and light brown.  Showed the colors to Marvin and he liked them as well.  Dont know what pattern to make yet But I will figure it out and post it on here unless I make one up :).  I am still wanting to sell stuff.  I have been messing around with business cards again as well.  I wanted to add my Very basic photography on to it as well as crocheting.  But I thought I could make calendars and stuff as well and incorporate both Photography and Crochet together for that :)  Been looking around the net for inspiration and I came across a website that was showing yarn and beads in a bowl and Lexi said I should make a calendar so i will be looking into different ideas.  I have a bunch of my Grandmothers teacups and things so I thought why not :)  I can use my thread and yarn as well :)  And with everything blooming I can use flowers too :) I just need to get out more with the cam :)  We have been hiking just about every weekend :)  Been to places I didnt even know was here in Whatcom County LMAO!! 

I hope that this blog find everyone doing well :)



Sweater for me.

I am attempting to make this for myself today.  I will have to figure out how to make it a bigger size as she only made it for a small and medium.  I want something awesome that I have made for myself LOL.  I also have a book full of granny squares to chose from.  Will post a pic when I decide how to do this sweater.