Hmm Thoughts

Well last night I started and almost finished a bear. Emma asked me to make her one after her and Jonathon had a tiff about his bear lol. I used the one at Rheatheylia.com again. But this time I wanted the head and body to be proportionate to each other so I used 2 dif sized hooks for the head and the body and limbs. I will post a pic up as soon as I have one of it finished.

I also am going to see if any of 4 yarn stores on the bus route are hiring and turn in applications. I also turned in one at Verizonwireless.com lol Kind of hoping for that one. Wouldnt mind it if they offered free service like TMobile. LOL.

And I am getting nervous about taking the assessment test on the first to see what level of Math and English I have to take.

If anyone reads this Please send out some prayers for me and the kids in this time of me with no job.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday :D



Well I have just been dinking around with my PSP X again. And I have come up with these picture masks. I figured I needed something else to do other then crochet :D LOL Not that I will ever give that Up LMAO!!!

I have my appt with the College still on Friday which is coincidentally my 29th bday. I am actually getting very excited about college. Even the homework aspect of it and I HATED homework in school!!!

I hope that everyone is having a Wonderful Night and week. Send some prayers out for the job aps that I have out please :D


The Kids, Me and School

Well the one of Emma was taken tonight. She Lieks her Flippy Flops.....Now I have NO CLUE where she got Flippy Flops out of Slippers but she did. I think it is Cute lol......Now the ones of Bub and Lex were taken yesterday by themselves.....at 2 separate times of the day LOL....I think they both had the same thing on their minds LMBO!!!

I have an appt with BTC on Friday to help with financial stuff for school. Wish me luck please. I also have homework :D The lady in the Admin Office gave me a book to study for the Assessment test that I take on the First of Oct. :D Kinda nervous but I know that I can handle it especially since it is something I want BADLY lol.

Have a great night everyone :D


Leg warmer

I got sick and tired of my legs being cold...Altho I should have just made slippers or something cause my toes are cold too :D LOL. But I can just wear these over some socks lol. I will post the pattern for this as well after I make the other one. I think Alexis did a wonderful job taking a pic of this one :D

Hope everyone is having a great day :D



Here is Lexi's sleeve. She saw them on a disney show and has seen Hannah Montana in them so she asked me for a pair.

So I wrote a pattern. I am testing it right now to make sure I can get it right with the second Sleeve. LMAO!!!

Hope everyone is having a Great Night :D