Hey guys long time not typing.  Right now I have been battling with a Migraine for almost 2 weeks straight.  I have a Ct Scan scheduled for next Monday and a Neurology appt for next Friday.  I am very nervous about it and dont know what is going to happen.

I have not crocheted anything since my cortisone shot.  I have been to nervous about that as well.  When I got the shot it was very bad and my wrist froze for 6 days and swelled up and hurt so freakin bad.   

The picture above was taken at the park down by the Bellweather Hotel off of Holly Street in Downtown Bellingham.  We took the dog to try and get her Socialized as much as possible.......Doesnt help when there is a huge gorgeous female Rottweiler having a picnic with her person.  She did not like the dock very much either LOL.

The kids are enjoying Karate ALOT.  I have to call the doc tomorrow to make sure that Lexi can go back on the Floor.  She was very angry when he told her she couldnt do it for a month.  She has had a prolonged scapula muscle strain.  It has been a month and now she is so ready to go back on the floor.  She is mad that she might not belt up to the next level.

I am thinking that when I am not at this job anymore I might look into some of the classes at the center for weight loss and I am thinking that I will get to learn how to protect myself for when I go walking LMAO.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and now the weather has gotten better.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Week!!!!