New Journeys

So here I am and it is 2015 and I haven't written in about a year.  I am now working at Robby's day care.  I am still working with yarn but I have also added wire and beads.  If you are on my fb or instagram you can see everything that I have made so far.  
 Here is the Mother's Necklace that I made for me.   I still have items up on Etsy.  My shop name is CrochetinFeonix.  There is lots of earrings and a few necklaces.  I am trying to expand out into other items as well.  I love working with wire and stones. There is also a couple rings.  I have some items that are inspired by a few shows.  I have some for Vampire Diaries and some in mind for Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead and The Hart of Dixie.  Lemon Briland has some not so flashy items that I LOVE!!  And would love to make some similar to them.  I have some harder wire then I am used to that I can make some bangle bracelets out of so I am excited about that as well.  
     The kids and I are doing ok.  Can you believe that Alexi is 17 years old?  I keep telling her that she is making me old on occasion LMAO.  Then I remind her that she is getting old as well LOL.  Jon is 14 almost 15 and wanting to go to Military school.  He is hoping that it will feed right into the Military.  Something he has wanted to do since he was little.  Emma is going to be 10 this year and dislikes school as much as the rest of them.  Robby will be 4!!  Time sure does fly!  I have told the kids that when Emma graduates Robby and I get to move where ever we decide to go LOL.He will be 12 or 13.  I keep thinking of all the places that I might want to relocate LMAO.  Robby has since told Lexi that she is not allowed to move out.  I am not sure if she will follow us or go on her own LOL.  
Well Now I am off here to go see about making a few more items before I have to go pick up Emma from her dads house.  
Have a wonderful Sunday!!



2013 has not been as calm as I had hoped for. Almost but not quite. All 5 of us are in a two bedroom. I am looking for a house to purchase. Excited that I will be looking at one on Saturday.  It is only a 3 bedroom but we will make do with that. Lol. After a 2 bedroom it should be a cake walk. Jonathon is now a teenager, Emma 8, Robby 2, and Alexis is going to be 16 in 2 months. I remember when they were all just little bitty babies. 
 There are so many pins on Pinterest that I can't wait to try. Book nooks all over the place. I want to TRY to build one for each munchkin. I won't have to worry about carpets if we can get the house I will be looking at. It has hardwood floors. Lots of pins for the kitchen, living room and bathroom as well. And a garage I can use for storage and a pantry. I have a goal of getting my license by the end of the year. And a car shortly after. And best of all. I have been with Condomania.com for 18 months this month. And I have a business license for The Crochetin Feonix as well. Still trying to get stuff set up with that as well. I know of a little sandwich place I will be able to sell some stuff in as well.
So wish me luck. Please keep us in your prayers and as always you are in mine. 

Signing off,


Wrenches and Life

Well life has gotten better even tho me and all 4 chillens are in a two bedroom apt. I am looking for a house that I can afford to buy. I am sick of renting. Even if I have to find a way to pay to fix appliances and what not. I am starting to sell Tastefully Simple (website will follow when set up). And I love working for Nicole at Condomania.  I have finished my first major crochet project for a friend. We traded services :) that was awesome since I do not know how to can. The wrenches are the usual ones. Paperwork paperwork paperwork. I can not stress to you how much I wish it could all be done and over with so worry didn't set in at random times of the day :( here is a flash pic at said project lol. 

Have a wonderful day!!!!




I am so glad that 2012 will be over in a few short hours.  I look forward to 2013 with new eyes and LOTS of crafts to try out.  2012 was very very stressful for me and the kids.  I get that a lot of people have stressful years.  Mine was so bad that I didnt even crochet till November!!!  I have lots of things I want to make.  whether it is crochet or a new recipe!

In March I got a new job working for Condomania.com  I love it there.  My boss and co-worker are great.  I moved from Blaine to Ferndale.  I still need a car and license.  That WILL happen this Spring.  I will be starting to work out again and get to the weight that I want. 

I will be posting a list of the things that I want to do this year.  As well as a few links to what I am talking so that everyone can see them.

Everyone have a Wonderful New Years Eve!!!



A few more things I have made

Just stopped in to post a few more things that I have made and put in my etsy shop :) Here is the link to my shop :)  Crocheting Feonix

 This is an infant hat
 This one I actually made for Robby when i couldn't find his other one LOL
 These 2 cute bows were so easy to make.  I had a blast making them :)
 This was a little tricky, I was stash busting but I am not sure I did the color change right.  On the inside you can see the row ups for all the colors.
And here is 2 blue bows.



Well, I have finally gone and done it lol.  I have opened an Etsy store.  Here is the link to my shop :)    Crochetin Feonix      I hope that you will go check it out and let me know what you think.

Kelsey's wrist warmers.  She wears them ALL the time.



My Hats

I have been on a trend of Hats.  Alexis, Jonathon, Kelsey, Emma, Robby, Marvin and Alexis' friend Kylie all have one now.  They are easy and work up in about 1.5 hours if I dont get stopped.  The following are pictures of a few of the Hats.  Not in any order LOL.  I hope everyone enjoys them :).  They are insipred by Dot's ugly But Warm hat you can find here...... Dot's Ugly But Warm Hat
I didn't use dc though and different stitches and I didn't use 2 strands of yarn.  LOL.  But I have made her hats before and wanted to try my hand at a pattern myself. 

              Robby's Hat                         

                                                                  Alexis' hat            

          Marvin's hat                             

         Kylie's hat