2013 has not been as calm as I had hoped for. Almost but not quite. All 5 of us are in a two bedroom. I am looking for a house to purchase. Excited that I will be looking at one on Saturday.  It is only a 3 bedroom but we will make do with that. Lol. After a 2 bedroom it should be a cake walk. Jonathon is now a teenager, Emma 8, Robby 2, and Alexis is going to be 16 in 2 months. I remember when they were all just little bitty babies. 
 There are so many pins on Pinterest that I can't wait to try. Book nooks all over the place. I want to TRY to build one for each munchkin. I won't have to worry about carpets if we can get the house I will be looking at. It has hardwood floors. Lots of pins for the kitchen, living room and bathroom as well. And a garage I can use for storage and a pantry. I have a goal of getting my license by the end of the year. And a car shortly after. And best of all. I have been with Condomania.com for 18 months this month. And I have a business license for The Crochetin Feonix as well. Still trying to get stuff set up with that as well. I know of a little sandwich place I will be able to sell some stuff in as well.
So wish me luck. Please keep us in your prayers and as always you are in mine. 

Signing off,