I hate not being able to crochet..

Well I finally went to the doc's and I am finally posting about it.  The doc said I def have carpal tunnel and severe tendonitis in my right thumb.  He wants me to have the surgery.  I get to be in a splint for about another 2 weeks or so and go see the doc on the 1st of Dec.  I want to crochet so badly right now!!!   I found a pattern here on blogger for Bella's hat from Twilight.  Here is the pattern link....       http://aprildraven.blogspot.com/2009/09/bellas-hat-free-pattern-twilight.html 
I want to make it for Lexi for Christmas.  There is also the mitten pattern that she wears to although crocheted which is fine since I dont knit LOL.  I want to try today to see if I can grip the hook and move everything with my left havd.  I am jonsing pretty badly LOL.

I also have been working full tim e at my part time job.  However they just cut me back to 8 hours a week starting next week.  I am really bummed out about it but we will see how everything pans out.  If not then at least I can get agreat Ref from my boss :D

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!




Well I am still looking for work :( With out much luck either. I have a few places to check in on tomorrow tho. Wish Me some Luck please. I am looking for anything but fast food at this point.
I am also going to start making stuff to have set so that I will have some stock. I think that I will start a website and sell my stuff there to start. I just don't know which site to sell it in tho. Any ideas?  These are 2 of my business cards that I am thinking about using!  What do ya'll think?
I hope Ya'll have a Wonderful Tuesday! I will :D the kids first day of school is in the morning. I am headed off to bed now as I have to get them up at 630 so they are ready lol.


More Stuff

Here is Lexi's new book mark. She asked for another one. She wanted red white and blue and I have yet to figure out how to make them in a row LMAO....I will sit down and figure it out and write up a pattern tho
Jonathon has yet to pick out a color for his lol. And then I need to think up a dif pattern for Bub I am not sure a Pineapple would be good for a 9 yo Kiddo LOL.

I made this one for my friend Ashley. Also made a black one for her sister.

I am wanting to sell my stuff still and thinking of places to do it at. I have suggestions for the Farmers Market. But I don't have enough stuff made to go there till next year. Although I def plan on it. I was thinking EBay as well and various stores in town (they want 40% lol)

Hope you all have a Great and Wonderful Weekend :D


I will make me

I have to finish this doily too so that I can make my clock!!

One of these book marks wehn I undig my Hairpin lace tools! LOL.

Random Stuffs

This is a Pic i took of one of Emma's Birthday presents!...She loves watering plants so I had to get her one of her own for her 4th birthday....

My lavendar is blooming too. I am so excited about that :D

I haven't been crocheting alot lately HOWEVER I want to make me a new bookmark and I have to finish my friends' afghan for her wedding...SOON LMAO... It is Sept 9th :D so I have a little time to damn hot right now to work on it. We are looking at upper 90° this week :(
Stay Hydrated Everyone!!!!!! *hugs*



Well I take my last mid term tomorrow. I am not doing as well in these classes as last quarter. But I have also had knee surgery and am still trying to get better from that. I will be turning in a Crap ton of Lab work tomorrow tho and that will at least boost up 2 grades LOL. The Math is what is getting me!!....I HAT MATH!!! Always have and probably always will LMAO.
Hope you all have had a Wonderful Memorial Day!!!


Random Junk

Well this week the kids are supposed to be back in school after Spring Break....And it is supposed to be my second week back LOL.....
Yesterday I had to take the girls to the docs and miss my dentist (rescheduled for Friday). Both Girls have Strep Throat. Today I have an MRI Test on my knee to figure out what is Wrong with it....Bout Damn time!!! I am sick of being in pain from it.
And to top it off the girls are not the only ones sick...I am getting some form of crud that is going around.

I haven't crocheted a lot since we moved into the new apt. However I am going to finish Jareth's Blanket which should be easy 2 squares and to put it together. And then I mail it on the First. I am just sorry it is so late LOL. I also have to catch up on a crochet along in my RCC Group.....Only 2 sets behind for that one so it will be easy to catch up...I hope LOL.

I hope everyone is having a Great Week :D


Emma's sweater

Here is a pic of Emma's sweater that I made her. I thought I posted a pic up before just like i thought I posted one of Bub's up too LOL So here it is :D

Goofing off

I was out and about after doing a name gen on FB tonight and I found this one :D and several others.

Your fairy is called Bramble Elffilter
She is a cheerful sprite.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She is only seen on midsummer's eve.
She wears bluebell-blue dresses. She has delicate green wings like a cicada.


Jonathon's Bday :D

Here is Jonathon's Cake and Jonathon with his cake :D

He is the Big 9


Here is the pic that I promised MONTHS ago Of Jonathon's sweater i will post one of Him and Ema IN their sweaters thsi weekend :D


New patterns

I have a few patterns that I want to post soon. One is for a headband and the second is another Wrist warmer pattern lol. These ones are for Mack. Lexi's friend. I am hoping to be able to have them tested by 2 Wonderful friends of mine before I post them up here. I will take a picture of them on Mack tomorrow at Jonathon's Birthday Party. He is now 9 and loving it LOL. So expect a few posts tomorrow LOL. One of Bday pics and another with Mack :D

Some good news about school. I am passing my classes so far :D. Quarter 1 is almost over. I am still excited to be in school. Although some days are better then others LOL. But that is just like most people that go to school for anything. I remember in high school I HATED school.

I have reconnected with a few friends from school. Actually hung out with one and her kiddos the other night. We all had a blast. Watched a movie and ate dinner. Hoping to do it again soon. Gald to have another Adult to talk to :D

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Saturday night and Sunday!!!


Hey Guys

How is everyone doing? I am alright. Having a few problems with Excel. But I will ask her about it today when I go into class.
I will be starting physical Therapy for my knee soon. The Knee Cap is grinding in the joint causing me some pain in there. If PT doesn't work the Doc wants to refer me to an Orthopedic surgeon that worked with me before on my other knee back before I had kiddos. I get to wear a brace on my knee and ice it....which is too cold LOL.

Hope you all have a Great Week ahead :D



Buttercup Bookmark
size 10 thread
size c hook

Rnd 1: Chain 6 Join ch 1, sc, *hdc, dc, ch 1, dc, hdc, sc*, repeat from the * to * around 4 more times.

Second Flower with the Join. start flower at the dc ch 1 dc (use the chain and creat the dc in the ring of the current flower with the finished flower attatched)

3rd Flower Repeat as with Second Flower but attatch it in 2 places Same with 4th Flower.

Tail: I chained 35 made a Loop and joind in the 30th chain. Sl St across the chain and Join finish off. Create a Tassel as full and long as you want it :D



Well this year I will try to post better :D I actually have a few book mark patterns to test out before I can post them here. LOL I wrote them in class :D

Hope you all have a great day :D