Random Junk

Well this week the kids are supposed to be back in school after Spring Break....And it is supposed to be my second week back LOL.....
Yesterday I had to take the girls to the docs and miss my dentist (rescheduled for Friday). Both Girls have Strep Throat. Today I have an MRI Test on my knee to figure out what is Wrong with it....Bout Damn time!!! I am sick of being in pain from it.
And to top it off the girls are not the only ones sick...I am getting some form of crud that is going around.

I haven't crocheted a lot since we moved into the new apt. However I am going to finish Jareth's Blanket which should be easy 2 squares and to put it together. And then I mail it on the First. I am just sorry it is so late LOL. I also have to catch up on a crochet along in my RCC Group.....Only 2 sets behind for that one so it will be easy to catch up...I hope LOL.

I hope everyone is having a Great Week :D

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