I hate not being able to crochet..

Well I finally went to the doc's and I am finally posting about it.  The doc said I def have carpal tunnel and severe tendonitis in my right thumb.  He wants me to have the surgery.  I get to be in a splint for about another 2 weeks or so and go see the doc on the 1st of Dec.  I want to crochet so badly right now!!!   I found a pattern here on blogger for Bella's hat from Twilight.  Here is the pattern link....       http://aprildraven.blogspot.com/2009/09/bellas-hat-free-pattern-twilight.html 
I want to make it for Lexi for Christmas.  There is also the mitten pattern that she wears to although crocheted which is fine since I dont knit LOL.  I want to try today to see if I can grip the hook and move everything with my left havd.  I am jonsing pretty badly LOL.

I also have been working full tim e at my part time job.  However they just cut me back to 8 hours a week starting next week.  I am really bummed out about it but we will see how everything pans out.  If not then at least I can get agreat Ref from my boss :D

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

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