Here is my little man Robert Alexander.  He was born on 7/29/11.  He had Meconium in the placenta with him and he aspirated on it and was medivaced to Providence at Everett where him and I stayed for a week while they gave him meds and made sure he could breath on his own.  It was the longest week ever.  I am not sure cause no one told me but I think that we almost lost him and thats why the sent him to Everett.  We didnt even get to hold him for 4 days.  Lexi was in the room with me and Marvin when I delivered him.  She was his first family contact before they whisked him away.  That was the longest night of my life.  Knowing he was in Everett and sick and I had to wait to be discharged from St Joe's. He is doing wonderfully now :)

The first pic was taken on 7/30/11 and the other was taken today.

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