No Luck

Well I didnt get the job. However they told me to apply for other jobs in the company. So I had to go buy some printer ink so that I can print up more of the apps.

The day that I took these pics Lexie left us a trail of flowers in the trees when she kept walking and we stopped to take pics of other flowers. I decided to take a few pics of the trail she left for us. I think with it being Summer time out now we will be taking some more walks with the camera even if we take the bus down town to walk around or maybe to the Fairhaven district. I think they would have a blast over that way and down by the ferry term. Plus there is the bead shop down that way LOL. I want the kids to pic out a bead or to so that I can make them some book marks for the books they are reading. Jonathon is reading The Hardy Boys and Alexis is reading Nancy Drew. Jonathon read the first in the series in about 5 days or so. Alexis has also read the book Number The Stars, it is about the Holicost, she couldnt put it down a few years ago. Took her about 4- 5 days to read it. And read she did, while she ate breakfast, after she got done getting ready for school, on the way to the bus stop, on the bus, on the way home from the bus stop, after she did homework, while she ate dinner and untill she went to bed LOL. I am not sure how much of it she read at school tho lol. I am just glad that she will read some of the true stories that are out there and not just all fiction. But I am also proud of Jonathon cause not many boys read alot lol. And he is VERY interested in the Hardy Boys. And there is Emma who grabs anything with pics and words in it and will tell her own story. And just about any toy turns into a cell phone LOL. But she loves to listen to stories. Well as much as she will let me read of them lol.

Well I am off here now to get some sleep for work tomorrow. Today started my 6 day run.
Hope everyone has a great night :D

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