Well I am just waiting for the new job to call and tell me if I got it or not. Please Pray for me. It is a full time days with weekends off. So it will be better then Macy*s. I am so sick of clothes and ready for a change. But this will allow me to be able to go to school in the evenings in the fall. Something I have wanted to do all year we school but my schedule wont allow that at Macy*s.

Another thing. I will have to go into my doc's about my wrists and I am kinda scared about it. He said if I kept coming in for them he was going to talk to me about the Surgery. I am not so sure about it. Right now they are both bothering me tho which scares me just as bad if not more. He has told me to stop typing and crocheting and I just cant do that. They are my sanity LOL.

Well I am off to get the kids ready for school.

Have a great Day :)

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