Here are the pics to the Bookmark pattern that I posted before. I wanted the close up of the stitch I love my camera lol and here is a pic of MOST of the book mark lol. I wanted to show the whole thing but I wanted the stitches to show more lol and the whole thing didnt want to fit in to the frame lol. Alexis chose the black ribbon to go with the baby pink.

I am going to make her a black one since she is liking black ALOT right now. I am not going to tell her no she cant wear it or paint her nails black. I know that she will probably jsut grow out of the whole Black being a fave color. I think that is it friends that are influencing it a little bit.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy this pattern if anyone has tried to make it. Please let me know when and if you do :D

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