Finally Finished

I am finally finished with this Lapghan. You can Kinda see it. Emma said that she had to Test it. Where she heard that from I am not sure LOL. But she cozied right up with it last night. I do have to mail it out sometime soon. I just hope the receiver likes it.

I am in the process of making my own shrug right now. I have the body almost done. The Fruits of staying up till 3:30 am lol. I just didnt want to put it down. I should have it finished tonight or at least the body of it finished. I have talked about making me one for work. Well now I have started one lol. I will post it here when I figure out how to rewrite it for other sizes lol. It shouldn't be too hard tho. It is just Dc's and Hdc's so we will see.

Well I am now headed off for work. Have a great Day everyone :D

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