This pic was taken on Friday out at Birch Bay. We went out there with my mom and messed around with the sand and the camera. And Aunt Cynthia came out and visited as well :D

Well Emma isnt the only one of us sick :( We are all now sick. lex and Bub coughing me and Emma with fevers and coughing. Well it is a little better tonight then yesterday.

We will still be going to my Class reunion Picnic tomorrow afternoon. If I can get us there that is.

But if not we will veg out all day enjoying the quiet........Oh wait we will all be coughing...... Anyways, I have Monday off as well. So 5 days off and we are all sick dammit. At least I go to work Tuesday and have 2 days off LMAO. I still cant believe they gave me an extra day....Too bad it isnt paid as well lol. That is ok tho.

I cant wait for the Indy movie to come out on DVD. The kids are enjoying the other 3. I am glad they are liking the movies that I grew up on :D I have been keeping tabs on who will be in Transformers 2 for them as well.

Hope everyone is having a great night :D

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