Just babbling

Look at Emma's hair flying lol. She was telling me no she didnt want to be on the rock. Alexis and Jonathon wanted her up there with them :D
This is one of the many walks that we have taken on my days off. We are going to the beach today I will be bringing the camera as well. See what kind of pics we can all get out there lol. They LOVE the camera. I need to get them one of there own sometime and help them learn how to use them. They are doing good with mine.

I want to take photo classes when I finally do go to college ( HOPEFULLY this fall). I am not sure what to do first tho. The beauty school or WCC. I will have to flip a coin and figure it out LOL. I want to change jobs as well. But there are advantages to working where I do. The Commission for one. I get to work with Natalie :D I get a discount on expensive clothes.....All of which I buy in clearance LMAO.

I hope that Everyone is having a Wonderful Wednesday :D!!!!! I have to go get ready for the beach :D lol


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Rachael said...

She's so cute! I didn't know you had a blog!