The Kids

Here is a piccy of the Kiddo's. This was taken at the Ski to Sea Parade in Bellingham. I was at work but they had a blast anyways. :D

Now that I have a dresser I will be able to not live off the dryer on my work days LOL. But I am going to be bringing some hangers home for my work pants too.

I will be selling some stuff on Ebay on my friends page. I will post a link here when I have stuff for her to sell.

I will post a pic of me and the kids as soon as I get one :D. On here I will also talk about school when I get into it lol. I will be either going to the Beauty School or the Comm College not sure which one I want to do first. I was thinking the Beauty School tho. Then I can cut the kids hair myself LOL. But then I am sure that I can pretty much pick my own hours then. But I am not just going for hair. I will be going in for nails and hair as well.

Everyone Have a Great Day :D

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